'Bachelor' Colton Underwood gives his final rose

We see a montage of them spending weekends together, with Cassie saying Colton is "legitimately my best friend".

The two step outside to have another conversation. I'm ready for my moment'.

Prior to directly asking Colton, the show was more than happy to speculate. But they knew exactly what they were doing when they flew Cassie's father to Portugal. "You guys are in for a wild ride". Neither are we, buddy, we're watching this. "Wait! We're mic'd!" she says.

"If you don't know you, how can you bring that into a relationship?" she queried. "But I do want you to know that I'm very happy". After all, she broke up with him while they were filming the show, and even nearly left without seeing him again! But she's very impressed when she hears about the big fence he jumped over, and agrees to go to Spain to meet his family. "I feel good right now, though", she told Colton.

Twitter may be obsessed with Colton Underwood's hair for all the wrong reasons but he could not care less.

"Colton and Cassie just shut the world out of their fantasy suite".

Colton's dad Scott was so anxious about potential heartbreak for Colton that he shed tears. I think you can fall in love with somebody. even though I didn't find my person.

Cue the final date, which Harrison said "will decide everything".

During their dinner, Cassie shares that she's all in. She'd been in a controlling one in college, so much so that any new relationship made her fear the loss of her freedom. Colton, you truly have my heart ♥️ Walking into this experience, I honestly wasn't sure that true love could come from it. "Here's the thing, I want you to live your life". They say they're "super in love" and are enjoy dating right now.

By the time they got to dinner, the thaw was in full swing.

"It didn't happen for me my first time around, but I do believe that it can happen". He filled them in on everything that happened, and then they got to sit down and talk with Cassie themselves. Just as he's about to close the door, Randolph remembers that they're still mic'd.

"I'll take that as a yes", Harrison shot back.

Randolph told the cameras that she was excited to go home and be with her family, but Colton still wanted to fight for her.

Chris Harrison welcomes us from the Tealight Candle Thunderdome, and then we rejoin Colton as he pulls a Hail Mary, already in progress.

After the Final Rose will air on ABC.

We saw some video of their secret couple weekends together.

Colton and Cassie head out to see the Mallorca sights, and things are still a bit tense: When she asks him to sing for her, he jokes, "I don't want you to leave me again". "It was great for me, so I would love to have that opportunity if it is for me".

Hannah actually got to meet five of her suitors, Luke, Dustin, Cam, Connor and Luke S. She was most impressed by Cam, who rapped for her, and gave him a rose! He tells her he "sacrificed and gave up everything" for her by dumping Tayshia and Hannah G. - and she looks pretty thrilled to hear it, actually!

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