Saudi human-rights official decries inquiry into Khashoggi killing as foreign interference

The red notices were issued on 1 March at the request of the Istanbul Prosecutor's Office, the Turkish media specified.

While the government has accepted recommendations in its current review to provide a transparent investigation into the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia rejected recommendations calling for participation of worldwide experts in the investigation.

The Committee to Protect Journalists today joined 10 human rights and press freedom groups in sending a letter to House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC) leadership urging congressional action in the pursuit of justice for murdered Washington Post columnist and US resident Jamal Khashoggi.

Three dozen Western countries, including all 28 European Union members, called on Saudi Arabia last week to co-operate with a UN-led investigation.

Some Western governments have accused Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of being implicated in the murder.

Aiban said the case against the suspects is ongoing and so far, they have appeared in court for three hearings with their lawyers present. He gave no names or other details, however, as the suspects' identities have not yet been made public.

Bandar Al-Aiban says that any calls to "internationalise" the investigation "amount to an interference in our domestic affairs".

"Justice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia operates pursuant to global law and it does so in all transparency", Al-Aiban told the Geneva forum. More than a month after his death, the Central Intelligence Agency concluded Salman ordered Khashoggi's death.

He insisted that his country was "horrified by what has happened pursuant to this unfortunate accident".

The suspects, he said, "were entitled to a fair trial. and none of their human rights have been violated, and they have been subjected to no form of torture or cruel and inhuman treatment".

While Saudi Arabia has abolished the ban on women driving since its previous review, other government-enforced guardian restrictions remain in place, including on travel outside the country.

The killing has severely strained ties between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, although Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has good ties with the Saudi monarch, King Salman.

  • Rogelio Becker