[H]ardOCP: Steam Link Anywhere Enables Game Streaming over the Internet

[H]ardOCP: Steam Link Anywhere Enables Game Streaming over the Internet


Valve has launched a beta for Steam Link Anywhere, the logical extension to its Steam In-Home Streaming which removes the "in-home" requirement and allows gamers to stream from anywhere to anywhere.

Valve has released Steam Link Anywhere, a feature that allows users to stream PC games on the go.

Launched in May 2014, Valve's Steam In-Home Streaming was created to allow a gamer to run any Steam title on a powerful desktop and stream it to a less-powerful device anywhere in the home.

Valve's ongoing project to bring streamed gaming functionality to its users via Steam Link has entered a new phase of development as the company moves to remove limitations that tie service to a single Wi-Fi network.

Last year, Valve retired its Steam Link hardware and shifted focus to a software app, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of Steam in-home streaming on Android and even some smart TVs. Your Steam Client also needs to be on the latest beta build, which will be dated March 13 or newer.

Just as a reminder, as the Steam Link Anywhere feature is in early beta, it is bound to lag and not work for all the users. After that, you'll see an "Other Computer" option when searching for devices with Steam Link.

The Steam Link app launched on Android almost a year ago, but there were some restrictions with it. This was only really useful for those times when you want to play a game on your couch. For both the host PC and the Android device.

Click below to grab the Steam Link app for your Android device.

Additionally, this news broke out right before Google's anticipated announcement on the upcoming GDC 2019, which will likely be about its game streaming services.

  • Terrell Bush