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Jill Griffith – Contributing Writer

There is no better cure for a stressful day than curling up in your dorm or gathering a group of friends to watch a movie. This has become a pastime of many college students.

With the newest forms of media streaming, movies can be conveniently downloaded anywhere and anytime from a multitude of online resources. The most popular among students is Netflix, which offers a free month trial and memberships ranging from $7.99 to $11.99.

A supporter of Netflix, Sal Sclafani (’15), said, “I can watch any movie that I want.” He is not alone in his admiration of Netflix. In a survey of 44 Drewids, fifty three percent of students surveyed use it as well over alternatives such as Youtube, Amazon Prime and DVDs.

The second popular online streaming source is illegal downloads. However, sites that claim to offer these free movies can infect computers with dangerous viruses that can be harmful and difficult to remove. As mentioned before, Netflix offers a variety of membership packages that may be useful for students looking to split the costs of an account. The more students who go in on the account, the lower the cost per person will be.

When asked about their favorite genre, Drew students responded to a variety of options. When surveyed, 40 percent of students said that they preferred action or adventure. A close second, the comedy genre captured 37 percent of students’ votes. A huge fan of the Marvel film “The Avengers,” Haley Witko (’17) said, “I really like superheros.” It seems that the more exciting films are popular.

The other categories included romantic comedies, scary or thriller, foreign films, romance and animated films, but they only received between one and three votes. This could be due to a lack of this genre of films in the current media.

Interestingly, hardly any of the students surveyed attended a movie theater more than once or twice per month. In fact, 45 percent of students stated that they had not attended a movie theater at all in recent months. Thomas Doolen (’18) thinks this is “because you can get any movie online! Why spend the money to go to the movies, when you can get it for free?”

Many movies that have already come out have earned high praise from students. A current favorite is “Gone Girl” which is a book-to-film adaptation. According to Michaela Reininga (’17), “the cinematography was really beautiful and the middle was really unexpected.”

In terms of upcoming movies, students are excited for diverse titles across different genres. Set to open on Christmas, Reininga also stated “I’m excited to see Into the Woods. It is an adaptation of the broadway show.”

Another student, Marta Muncharaz (’18) is excited for the next Hunger Games film because she said, “I read the books and I really liked them!” “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” is set to debut Nov. 21.

If you are looking to see a movie in theats, look no further than Madison’s Bow Tie Cinema Theatres. Tickets are available for $6 on Tuesdays, $9.50 before 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and $11.50 all other times.

Also, Drew has its very own Film Club whose mission, according to Drew’s website, is “to provide a fun, safe place where people of the Drew Community and outside the Drew Community can have fun and discuss the art of filmmaking.”

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Catherine King – Contributing Writer

The sound of music has filled the autumn air as member of the newly reformed Drew University Music Society (DUMS) breathed new life into the club.

Lead by Emily Evans (’17), president of DUMS, as well as Kaydian Barrett (’15),  and a few other students, DUMS was brought back this October after it disbanded in August 2013 because of club members shifting their focus to starting the music theme house that year.

This club differs from other musical clubs because it does not require members to have any musical background. Anyone who appreciates music, even if they have no musical talent, are encouraged to join. Evans said that DUMS is a place “to celebrate music outside of academics. It is a community of music-lovers.”

The club hopes to serve as a community where people who love music can share and build friendships with their passion.

DUMS board member Nichelle Hodulik (’15), said, “I think DUMS is important because it is a type of academic music community. It will form friendships. It will foster discussions about music. It will foster new ideas about music.”

The president and board of DUMS are in the process of organizing events and have already organized many different events to showcase the club’s resurgence. Evans said, “We plan on holding events that bring people together for fun and relaxation.”

On Thursday, they sang a few songs by the Beatles on the Brother’s College Patio. DUMS plans to have a free open mic in the Concert Hall on Nov. 14 at 6 pm.

According to Evans, the purpose of this event is to allow “the musicians at Drew the opportunity to perform on a stage that world-renown musicians frequent.”

The club also plans to do a flash mob in the Commons, a mocktail karaoke night and a trip to New York City to see a Broadway musical.

The choices for the musical are “Cinderella,” “The 39 Steps,” “The Fantastiks,” “Avenue Q” and any other performances suggested. Students can vote for which show they would like to see on the DUMS Facebook page.

DUMS will meet every Friday at 4 p.m. in MUS 211 in the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts.

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Allison Estremera – Contributing Writer

Get ready for the change of pace your taste buds have been asking for. This week, the EC snack bar unveiled its brand new menu fixture for Drewids to enjoy. While bringing a wider variety to the current menu, the new selections also aim to provide a throwback for some Drewids as well.

The menu is heavily inspired by the menu once offered at The Other End, or TOE. Located in the basement of Sitterly House, TOE was once a haven for students who wanted to relax with some comfort food between classes. Though the area was closed for health code violations, Drewids will once again be able to treat themselves with a number of decadent dishes such as brownies, quesadillas, waffles and milkshakes.

The new menu is available on Thursdays through Saturdays at 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. These options will be sold where the pizza is served earlier in the day.

The project is very much a product of the work of Student Government President Hetika Shah (’15). When asked about the importance of the project, Shah recounted TOE’s popularity during her freshman year. She said, “This was something a lot of students were missing out on.”

As part of her platform when running for Student Government president last spring, Shah placed great emphasis on bettering the food options available on campus, including TOE’s reinstatement. Though not able to return to its former location, Shah did not let this discourage her pursuits, and said, “We can’t get TOE back, but we can get back the atmosphere and the food.”

She also believes the reintroduction of late-night snacking will provide Drewids with a place to come together. She said, “I want this as something people can be more active on campus with. A way to make friends, a way to socialize.”

Shah worked closely with the staff of Drew’s Dining Services to ensure the menu would remain faithful to the TOE Drewids once enjoyed. Food Service Director Edward Gomez noted the determination the Student Government placed on the project. He said, “Everything in the TOE menu was organized by the Student Government.” When asked to share his thoughts on the project, Gomez stated, “It sounds exciting and I hope the whole student body can enjoy it.”

When asked about the new food options, Drewids showed great enthusiasm for the project. Victoria Detres (’17) said, “I’m excited because I love to eat.” She added, “Later options are great, and it gives us a lot more variety.”

Despite the openness to the menu, some Drewids felt that the times were too late into the night for them to fully enjoy it.

Grace Cerra (’17) said of the changes in the EC, “That sounds awesome. Too bad I can’t make it so late.”

The EC officially began serving the new menu last night. Provided the new menu is popular with Drewids, Shah mentioned some plans for the future of the project. “Eventually, if possible, we want to expand this to performers in The Space while the snack bar is serving food.” Though such additions will take time to finalize, Shah remains hopeful about the program’s growth, saying, “I do see this thing getting bigger.”

So if you find yourself craving a midnight snack on campus, walk on over to the EC and treat yourself to the new TOE experience.

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Caitlin Phillips – Contributing Writer

People at the Psych Club’s Murder Mystery scavenger hunt had a killer time. Paula Conlon (’15), the club’s president, said of the event, “I thought it would be fun to have a murder mystery for Halloween.”

As the evening began, Alissa Glaeser (’18) noted, “There’s candy corn, so that’s a good sign.” She explained why she came to the event and said, “I like psychology, and I’ve never been to a murder mystery before.” In addition, Sarah Robinson (’15) said she came because she likes “scavenger hunts and murder mysteries, so the two of them together is great.”

Conlon explained that the winner of the hunt would receive a bag of candy only after they investigated the crime scenes. Each person or team could look at the crime scenes presented with a clue as to where to go such as “Why take the stairs when this building comes with its own Tower of Terror?”

From there, they were given another crime scene, complete with five bios. Members of the scavenger hunt needed to match the right bio with the crime scene presented. The bios included traumatic events from the serial killers’ childhoods as well as the methodology of their killings. This gave members hints as to which person would be more likely to have committed the crime depending on the methods described. One such example was a crime scene where a freshman’s body was found with bruises, which matched John Wayne Gacy’s bio, known as the Killer Clown.

After solving the mysteries, teams reported back to the Welch-Holloway Lounge to enter the raffle to win the candy. Sara Lawley (’18) said, “It was entertaining. We got them all right!” Kendra Polk (’18) said, “It’s interesting going from place to place–like an actual Clue game. The event is a nice change of pace from other clubs.” Lauren Mastropierro (’18) said, “My favorite show is ‘Law and Order,’ so I like this sort of thing.”

Conlon said, “We want people from all walks of life to enjoy psychology. I’m happy that people were interested in the bios of each person.” She continued the discussion with the group, talking about nature versus nurture and its connection with biology versus upbringing. During the discussion, Glaeser said the event was “interesting and informative. I know about serial killers, but there was a woman in the bios of the scavenger hunt that I’ve never heard of. It was cool to see that perspective.” The bios were based on actual serial killers, as well as fictitious and movie-based ones.

With just the right amount of pizza, candy, cider and terror, Drew students cracked the cases just in time for Halloween.

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Caitlin Phillips – Contributing Writer

Would you like to hear a joke about ghosts? That’s the spirit! Halloween festivities are in full swing as the witching hour draws near. Drew students are preparing for this spooktacular night of candy, scares and fun in different ways.

Siobhain Ward (’16) weighs in on what the best costumes this year will be, placing her bet on “fun pairs and groups that friends and suitemates can get in on together, and add their own spin to. My roommate and I are dressing as Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf.”

Britney Stewart (’18) says that “characters from the movie Frozen” will do well, and Nancy Moemen (’17)  says, “I think the top costumes are going to have to do with the biggest TV hits of the year. Maybe Jesse Pinkman or Walter White from ‘Breaking Bad’ or maybe even characters from ‘American Horror Story.’”

There may be some spectacularly spooky costumes this year, but Drew students have seen their fair share of great ones in the past. Ward noted, “A few girls did a cute take on Rock, Paper, Scissors. My best friend and I went as CatDog.” In addition, Moemen said, “My senior year of high school, a group of students dressed up as upside down people,” and Deanna Williams (’15) said, “My best friend’s brother dressed up as the Joker.”

So what will Drew students be up to on Halloween night? Moemen says, “I always look forward to dressing up for Halloween. This year I plan on dressing up as Amy Winehouse. Since I’ll be on campus, I will be attending as many Halloween parties as I can. I’m even helping to host the Drew Democrats’s Halloween party in the Space.”

Ward said of her friends and herself, “The night may be more of silly photo ops, but candy will definitely be present.” Stewart said, “I am definitely going trick-or-treating, you can never be too old. If I find out about a party I will definitely go.”

The top Halloween candies amongst Drew students? “My favorite candy is Sour Patches,” Williams said, while Moemen said hers “has got to be Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds.” Ward likes “all things chocolate for sure, Twix being my favorite,” as does Stewart.

Ward commented on the fun of the night, saying, “I’m a nanny, so it’s always fun to see the girls I watch get so excited. I think that’s half the fun of Halloween; it’s largely a children’s holiday, but as college students, we get a night where it’s totally acceptable to play dress up and get a little whimsical.”

Moemen also said, “Nothing says Halloween more than the company of your friends in strange costumes and candy. Lots of candy.”

To wind down this haunting Halloween night, Drew students have also talked about their favorite movies to watch. Moemen said, “I’m not all about that scary movie life, so I’m all for ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost.’” Stewart likes “Stephen King’s It.” Ward enjoys “any kind of thriller, my favorite being ‘The Amityville Horror,’” and Williams likes to watch “the Disney Channel movie ‘Twitches.’”

There seems to be a variety of ways to celebrate this frightful night. Whether it’s being with friends, watching scary movies, dressing up or all three, Drew students know how to have a happy Halloween.

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