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(Photo Courtesy of Drew.edu)

On a typical day, walking across the Drew campus, one would most likely run into other students, some faculty and, of course, plenty of squirrels. Notably absent from a normal day of campus life, however, are the deans and president of the university.

In a survey consisting of showing students images from the Drew website, students were asked to identify President of the Interim Term Vivian Bull, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Jon Levin, Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts John Muccigrosso and Dean of Curriculum and Faculty Sharon Sundue. Out of the 91 students surveyed, 66  reported they could not name any of the aforementioned people. Twelve could name Bull, fourteen could name Levin, two could name Muccigrosso and six could name Sundue.

Some students do recognize the deans faces as those they have seen around campus.

“I see the Deans and President sometimes, but I feel like they should be present at more campus events,” Neena Robertson (’14) said. “Not just the academic events they have to attend, but it would be nice if they stopped by the EC sometimes or went to different club events.”

Out of the 66 students who couldn’t name any of the people in the images, many also reported that the people didn’t look at all familiar. Some students, when told the names and titles of the deans and the president, said they wanted them to be more active on campus.

“I’m a student athlete and very involved on campus, and I have never knowingly interacted with any of these people,” CC Carlini (’14) said. “I do feel like I should see them around more on campus.”

The deans and the president do have contact information posted on the Drew website. Additionally, Bull holds office hours each semester where she meets with students for a maximum of 10 minutes to discuss issues on campus. Levin also requested that Dean’s List students contact him to discuss career and educational goals.

However, some students feel the president and the deans should venture more outside of their offices. “It would be nice to see the deans at events so that students could get to know them in a more interactive way,” Sana Siddiqui (’16) said.

Constantinos Bacas (’16) agreed with that sentiment, adding that, while meeting with deans in their offices can be beneficial, seeing them out at campus events would help build more of a relationship. “I think that they should attend campus events while also holding office hours,” Bacas said. “Office hours provide a private setting for students to voice their concerns, while attending campus events keeps them better connected with the campus community.”


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