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Hey drewids! The world isn’t flat after all

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Here’s a quick pop quiz. How many parades does Madison have a year? What’s Bottle Hill Day? Where are the three consignment shops located? Did you even know there were three, not counting the children’s shop? Where is the weekly Farmer’s Market held? Can you name three of the quick-and-easy restaurants you get lunch at in town?

Our campus has little involvement with the town outside of the tour for the incoming freshmen and dollar beer nights at 54 Main and Prospect Tavern. Some may head to the Farmer’s market on a nice day, who can say no to a pickle on a stick? And you’ll run into the fair share of students at the diner. But usually students keep on the beaten path.

For many, the defense is that Madison is expensive. And yes, at some of the restaurants you walk away realizing you’ve dropped $30 a plate; and even the sales rack outside of Statements is about $100 for a dress that you probably don’t like that much anyway. Ever consider looking elsewhere? One of my favorite dresses I bought from d’torr for $40. Would I find something cheaper at Forever 21? Probably. Would it be as high of a quality? Probably not. When it gets down to it, it’s an argument of quality versus quantity, which is why my closet may not be as overflowing as some of my friends, but I can honestly say I don’t absolutely need new clothes every year. And $40 dresses aside, most of my newer clothes have come from New Leaf Consignment.

It’s the events which Madison holds in which the support of Drew students is truly lacking. In early October, there’s Bottle Hill Day. This Saturday, Main Street is packed with townspeople checking out the deals local businesses are offering for the day. I work part time at Drip Coffee, and left the espresso machine for a short ten minutes to get a dollar slice of pizza from Rocco’s Tuscany Grill. I couldn’t believe how busy everything was. But even though there were so many people out, I can’t say I saw more than five students. Meanwhile, Rocco’s is making pizza out of a truck in order to showcase on Main Street and half of Drip’s staff was called in. There was no room to move behind that counter, but we needed all the help we could get.

I guess the point is, the Taste of Madison is coming up on April 15. Food festivals are something that college students shouldn’t be saying no to. It would be nice to see a better representation of Drew out there. After all, like it or not, we are a part of Madison.


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