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Lead Editorial: A new “pathway” for Drew?

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(Graphic by Miho Watabe)

The proposed International Pathway Program that Drew is currently considering presents great potential benefits to the Drew community. It will allow Drew to catapult itself onto the world stage as an international university, which could likely improve Drew’s reputation and standing. Not only this, but attracting international students to Drew will significantly help Drew’s current financial state—something every member of the Drew community want to see improved.

Because international students cannot receive financial aid from the state or federal governments, they generally pay a higher cost of attendance than American students. This extra income will help our financial state, and international students may be willing to pay more for college in exchange for a unique college experience.

These are some of the possible outcomes of implementing such a program at Drew. However, making sure that we retain those international students who choose to come Drew must be a top priority, not just recruiting them to attend. How can Drew retain these international students?

International students transfer at a higher rate than the general student population, due to the high cost of attendance, in addition to a student life scene that is perhaps less exciting than they expected. As a definite minority, international students often hang out together, and sometimes seem less integrated into the Drew community.

Already paying a high cost of attendance, international students are less likely to stay here if they are not receiving everything they hoped for in their American college experience. The Pathway Program could be an excellent confluence of Drew’s financial interests and the interests of international students, or it could be a waste time. In order to be successful, we’ll have to make sure every penny of our high tuition cost is worth it to our international students who make a great effort to come here. If we can do this, we might just be able to benefit everybody.


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