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Drew2017 Steering committee encourages more student participation

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Mead Hall (drew.edu)

The Drew2017 initiative was started last year by members of the Steering Committee, who are making great strides towards achieving the many goals planned for Drew. The committee meets weekly to work on the many objectives that they hope to achieve.

Dylan Jones (’15), an Economics and Political Science double major and student representative of the Drew2017 Steering Committee, shared the numerous goals of this initiative, stating that the predominant one involves putting Drew University on a “sustainable path,” focusing mainly on financial maintenance. To achieve this goal, Jones affirmed that the Steering Committee plans to review and prioritize academic programs and administrative functions, in addition to developing a three-year budgeting process.

Over the past six months, the Steering Committee has studied the potential for three main revenue sources, which include net tuition, endowment income and gifts for operations. They have also developed a process aimed at delivering information to academic programs across the university, which will aid in delivering resources.  Additionally, the Steering Committee is currently gathering information from each department (including the library, technology, student affairs, athletics, housing, dining, admissions, financial aid, the registrar, human resources, etc.) to ensure financial support, with the hopes of providing a high quality academic experience across the university.

Jones said Drew 2017 is very focused on student participation, “In the past six months, the Drew Community has responded to the demands of Drew2017, a process that is extremely important to the future of Drew University. With the work that has been completed by the Steering Committee, we have been successful in achieving our goals.”  Jones has developed two surveys to involve the Drew community.  The first, an academic survey, asks the students to provide constructive input on their major, program, or degree.  The survey is available until Sept. 25:


The second, an administrative survey, asks for constructive input on five administrative units: Housing, Facilities, Business Office, Financial Assistance and the Registrar. This survey will open on Sept. 30 and close Oct. 14: https://www.drew.edu/drew2017/student-servicesurvey/

Participation in these surveys can make a great difference for the future of Drew.

The Steering Committee’s Drew2017 is a great step in the direction of permanent financial steadiness for the future of Drew.