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Drewid bucket lists sure to get blood pumping

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Greg Nalesnik (’14)  is a student in Bruce Reynold’s journalism class

Greg Nalesnik (’14) is a student in Bruce Reynold’s journalism class

What’s on your bucket list? Drew journalists set out to answer just that when they asked fellow Drew students some of the things they’d like to do before they “kick the bucket” in a recent survey.

A common assignment Professor Bruce Reynolds’ Journalism students are given is to survey other students, in which classmates simply ask their peers at Drew a question. This time, the question was, “What’s on your bucket list?”  While a wide variety of answers were given, the most common answer at Drew, according to Reynolds, is “go skydiving.” Skydiving is most commonly found on bucket lists, mostly because of the adrenaline rush many seek.

“It’s balancing life and death, and you normally don’t get that kind of power,” said Kirstey Yee (’14).  “I’m so scared to do it, and I don’t think I’ll ever get to do it, but I really want to go for the experience,” Brooke Kaufman (’15) said.  Others wanted to experience adrenaline rushes in different ways, such as alumnus Geoffrey Edelstein (C ’13), who said he wanted to be a racecar driver.  “Speed is fun, just like roller coasters are fun, but it can be a lot more fun when you are in control,” said Edelstein.

“I want to go bungee jumping for the thrill of it, it would be fun and cool to talk about,” said Ryan Marsh (’16)  Another common answer was “travel the world.” However, many respondents shared their wishes to go to particular countries such as France, Russia, Sweden, Haiti, and Japan.

Others took it one step further and talked about their hopes to see specific landmarks of a country, such as Eric Ando’s (‘14) desire to go to Nepal to see Mt. Everest, the biggest mountain in the world. Marsh told survey conductor DJ Pfefferkorn he wanted to visit the Kremlin, located in the Russian capital of Moscow. “I am Russian so it would be cool to see the history of my heritage,” he said.

Some respondents, such as Greg Nalesnik (’14), wanted to experience culture on their bucket lists through means of learning a new language.  “Maybe, I would learn Russian or French because some of my family members speak Russian,” he said.

Kyle McComb (’14) also shared that he wanted to learn to speak Arabic and Inez Neto (’14) wants to learn Italian. Victoria Korn (’16) has “master another language” on her bucket list, as well.  Pursuing their career aspirations appears on the bucket lists of many students, such as alumnus Kevin Schneider (C’13), who wants to advance scientific knowledge in neuroscience.

“I want to start a science oriented school for the middle to high school range because I love science,” he said.  Alumnus Andrew Kyriacou (C ’13) and Nathania Reyes (’14) both hope to become successful in practicing law.  “At this point my current bucket list is to get a really good score on the LSAT and get into law school and do well in law school, because it is one thing to get into law school but to actually do well while there is another story,” said Reyes.

Some career aspirations hit home, like for alumnus Abby Brinn (C ’13) who hopes to one day meet a comedy writer for NBC’s television series Saturday Night Live and become a writer herself.  “I want to be a writer because as a kid, when I went through some weird stuff, books were really what got me through things. Especially the ones that made me laugh,” she said. Common answers also included having a family, writing a novel, and trying new foods. In fact, two people answered with “eat caviar.”

Aside from being exciting, cultural, and aspirational, some items on Drew’s bucket lists’ were unique.“I want to get in a hit and run, but an empty car because I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone and then get chased after by cops like the Need for Speed video game,” said Shira Newman (’16).  Beatrice Awobue wants to climb a tree on Drew’s campus. According to her, climbing a tree has been on her bucket list since high school and while she attempted to climb one last year, she failed because it was too tall.

Other exceptional items on bucket lists included Neto’s “learn to make perfect Baklava” and Alex Logrono’s (’16) “direct a Broadway play.” Matthew Sommer (’16) said a bucket list item of his was to “date Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande at the same time, and then dump them.” However peculiar or common they may be, Drew’s bucket lists prove its students as ambitious and curious as their dreams.