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Holocaust movie shows survival and heroism

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Sarah Schanz-Bortman

National Holocaust Remembrance Day was last Sunday, April 11. This day is for the remembrance of Jewish people who did in the Holocaust, but for some, every day is such a day.

On Wednesday in Drew’s Baldwin Gymnasium, a large audience was present to see the film “Blessed is the Match.” It was directed by Roberta Grossman, who was present at the screening. It tells the inspiring story of Hannah Senesh, a young Hungarian woman who moved to Palestine before Germany made its way to her home country.

The film, narrated by the actress Joan Allen, included pictures of Hannah and the Senesh family, along with readings of Hannah’s poetry and other writings.
During her time in Palestine, Senesh became involved with Jewish children her age. She was recruited to be a military paratrooper in the resistance against the Nazis in Hungary.

The documentary then focuses on Senesh’s capture and her mother’s attempts to rescue her from a Nazi prison.

During the question-and-answer portion of the film presentation, Grossman remarked on the Senesh family’s kindness for allowing Grossman access to the family archive. Hedy Brasch, a Holocaust survivor, also spoke during this portion of the presentation. Brasch’s and Senesh’s family were friends. She talked about this in addition to speaking about her time in concentration camps and her escape to the United States.

Of Senesh’s story, Grossman said, “[Hannah] was a brilliant woman who did not idly stand by. She knew the odds of having an impact or coming out alive, but she chose to act regardless.”

Grossman said the film was put together in order to get Senesh’s story out to the public. “Blessed is the Match” sought to tell her incredible story and moved its viewers in the process. Jonah Silk (’12) expressed his appreciation for the movie. He said, “You always hear about suffering and never learn much about the act of resistance. The story is awesome because she’s very altruistic, and they should tell about that more.”

“Blessed is the Match” in its full version, is available for purchase on DVD at blessedisthematch.com.


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