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Thank you for your interest in subscribing to The Acorn!


The Acorn is a weekly newspaper completely published by Drew students that covers anything and everything happening at Drew. The Acorn was established in 1928 with the purpose of serving as an advocate and voice of Drew students. We welcome all Drew alumni and parents of Drew students to subscribe to The Acorn as a way to stay informed of the happenings of the University in the Forest! A home delivery of The Acorn is just what you need to bring your mind back into this hallowed oak forest.

1.) How much does a subscription cost and how can I pay?  Subscriptions for home delivery cost $50.00 for the entire academic year at Drew. Please fill out the electronic form below accurately and submit it to us for record keeping. We accept only checks made payable to The Acorn (Drew University). In addition to submitting the electronic form, please print it out and mail this Subscription Form along with your check. It will take approximately two weeks to process your check, after which, you will shortly begin receiving your new Acorn issues hot off the presses!

2.) Why can I not pay for my subscription online? We are currently working to provide our readers more efficient ways to pay for subscriptions to The Acorn through our website. However, at this time, we can only accept checks.

3.) How often will I receive my subscription? New issues are published and distributed every Friday of Drew’s academic year, with exceptions to University closings and extenuating circumstances such as inclement weather. You will be mailed a new issue every Friday, which you will receive shortly thereafter.

4.) What if the last current issue was delivered late or I have not yet received my issue? Because The Acorn is a small newspaper organization run by students with limited resources, under hard circumstances, your issue may be not be mailed specifically on Friday and may arrive late. Please email us at editor@drewacorn.com for further details or to inquire about your subscription delivery. We work very hard to serve our readers and we apologize for inconvenience this may cause.


Please fill out and submit the subscription form below to begin receiving your weekly issue of The Acorn(Please make sure you correctly fill out the form. All information will be verified before delivery.)
Please send your check along with this Subscription Form to our office.


Thank you for subscribing with us!

You will shortly receive an email confirming your subscription.
Disclaimer: Please note that because we are a student organization, under certain circumstances in which we may be lacking the proper resources, your delivery may be delayed.