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Who we are:
The Acorn
, Drew University’s award-winning student-run weekly newspaper, served the community in the Forest since 1928. Created weekly by a staff of dedicated editors, photographers, illustrators, managers and reporters, The Acorn prints every Friday in the academic year. We strive to get the latest news and campus opinions to our readers, and always accept new members to do the same.


Drew University, which consists of the College of Liberal Arts, the Drew Theological School, and the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, is located in suburban Madison, Drew University, 30 miles west of Midtown Manhattan, New York.


1,900 papers distributed to 15 locations on campus.

2,948 students, 220 faculty, 150 outside subscribers

· 60% female, 40% male student population
· 96% of students live on campus
· 49 U.S. states represented
· 20% ethnic diversity (6% Hispanic, 6% Black, 7% Asian, 1% other)


·Popular majors:
Political Science, Psychology, English, Theatre Arts, Economics


·Diverse views:
College Democrats, College Republicans, Drew Students for Life, American Civil Liberties Union chapter, GLBTQ Alliance, etc


·Religious Diversity:
Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, and Pagan groups


Rugby, Lacrosse, Soccer, Equestrian, Baseball, Basketball, Swimming, Cross Country, Tennis, Field Hockey, Softball, Ultimate Frisbe